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AllTouch Virtual Call Centre and Disaster Recovery

2011, Oct/Nov. Bangkok is now under water. One of my client who is operating a call centre for their customer service has to abandon “ship”. Service is obviously crippled. Customers are not happy that there is no Disaster Recovery Plan. Image of the company service is tarred. Equipment is destroyed by flood. Investments are lost. Most important, customer’s confident in the company is gone.

AllTouch Virtual Call Centre is housed in a secured and reliable data centre with redundancy and backups. With secured internet access, users can still access to the call centre service from anywhere. Users can stay at home or report to a standby location for work. All calls are routed seamlessly and service is not interrupted. If needed, calls can even be routed to another country for business continuity. The benefits of D.R. comes at no extra cost to the basic plan. Contact me now and don’t wait till you are hit with a disaster.

By Michael Koh.


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