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10 Benefits of Virtual Call Centre

A virtual call center is a congregated service that can provide you with local numbers in most major cities and using Internet as a platform to distribute the calls to your call centre. You donít have to purchase or own any equipment. Being hosted in a reliable data centre, it provides high level of redundancy and backup management. This free the user from the maintenance of equipment and to concentrate on other business functions to stay competitive in its industry. Hence, all call centers need a call center solution that can help make the call center more productive and more profitable. One such virtual call center solution is the All-Touch Virtual Call Centre which is now being offered by Converged Solutions.

The first benefit of using this virtual call center solution is that the call center agents need not be concentrated within just one geographical location. Rather, the call center company can become a virtual call center running different smaller virtual call center facilities in different places. This means that though your main contact center may be located in Singapore, the virtual call center technology allows the company to also have a virtual call center in Malaysia, a virtual call center in China, and maybe a virtual call center in Hong Kong (as deemed necessary by your company.) This makes the All-Touch Virtual Call Centre solution a boon to companies that need to have dispersed operations throughout the world.

Second, this call center software is said to provide excellent return-on-investment for the call center company using it because it can heighten agent productivity. Agent productivity leads to successful contact center operations. Your contact center agents gain the capacity for seamless switching between an outbound to an inbound call and vice versa because of this call center solution agent interface.

Third, the call center technology behind this All-Touch call center software allow remote contact center agents to function on the same level as real-time users. You can set priorities, call route matrix, time-based routing, real-time monitoring etc.

Fourth, it is adaptable for use by a virtual call center of any size. So whether you have one virtual call center in Singapore which is manned by just 10 agents while another virtual call center of yours based in Malaysia has 100 agents, this virtual call center software can be scaled up or scaled down as needed for your enterprise.

Fifth, this virtual call center solution is reliable enough to serve as a back-up disaster recovery system for the contact center, guaranteeing that the system will always be functional throughout all aspects of the call center system.

Sixth, call center technology has progressed so much with this virtual call center solution that supervisors can monitor and guide agents even from remote locations. This means that if you are a contact center supervisor based in the Singapore and you have an agent in Malaysia who needs help during a call, the All-Touch call center software will permit that in real time.

Seventh, the Call Recording function of this call center technology permits the call center virtual transactions to be recorded appropriately so that the call center staff can review the details of the transactions as needed. The Voice Logger can be hosted on-site for confidentiality.

Eight, the virtual call center software uses soft-phone which eradicates the cost of desk-phone and very easy to deploy over long distance.

Ninth, this virtual call center solution from All-Touch partners with major telcos providing you world-wide local or toll free numbers. You can setup support or sales hotlines with having to have a presence in the countries. Immediate world wide presence.

Lastly, customer relationship management improves because agents are able to meet more needs even for the same prospect or customer with a more effective call center solution.

So if you are planning to put up a call center of your own, no matter how small or large, you may want to consider using the All-Touch Virtual Call Centre instead.


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