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Converged Solutions Officially Launched All-Touch Virtual Call-Centre Solution at CommunicAsia 2010

Extensive IP-based system empowers enterprises with cost-efficient, versatile infrastructure to comprehensively reach multiple customer channels worldwide

(SINGAPORE, 15 June 2010) — At the yearly CommunicAsia show in 2010, Converged Solutions Pte Ltd today officially launched their innovative “all-touch” virtual call-centre solution for enterprises extending sales and marketing reach to the global market. The IP-based solution combines the extensive network reach Singapore’s Internet Service Provider and Telecom network and the multichannel capabilities of Converged Solutions’ call-centre platform.

All-Touch Virtual Call Centre is a Call Centre Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) of Converged Solutions, via the latter's flagship Orchestra IP Call Centre platform. Users do not have to purchase or install any premise-based equipment. It is a ideal platform for nation-wide or even regional based call centre setups. As a hosted platform, users can deploy Business Continuity Plan easily and at very low cost.

AllTouch provides high voice quality and is a key reason Converged is guaranteeing service levels to ensure its clients do not have to worry about call quality, regardless of customer location. The All-Touch platform is ideal for businesses that operate in today's fast-changing market conditions, empowering them with a wide-coverage call-centre solution that overcomes complexity and cost. Service can be set up easily for businesses located anywhere in the world.

“With this new service, customers can setup call centre from a very low start up cost. Using the internet cloud platform, we can help our customer to deploy call centre regionally and cost effectively.” said Mr. Michael Koh, Director, Converged Solutions. “We have been providing call centre solutions since 2004 in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Philippines etc. We have witness the growth of our users from location based call centre to regional or distributed call centres and the demand for high redundancy and mission critical system. The weak economy during the last few years has also brought us challenge to provide a highly cost-effective solution to our customers. Now with cloud computing and hosted platform, we can achieve our customer’s functional and financial objectives.”

“Dominos’ Pizza Malaysia has been seeking and evaluating a cost effective and reliable call centre platform for a long time. We have plans to open stores in Singapore to expand our market share and delivery service is one of the critical business functions. Operating a call centre in Singapore is very costly because staffing cost is high. We need a solution that allows calls to be routed to our call centre in Malaysia. It has to be reliable, flexible, powerful and most of all cost-effective. We have evaluated PABX and call centre software that cost more than USD200,000/-. With AllTouch, we started with a small fraction of the cost and basically the savings, itself, pays for the service provided by Converged.” said Mr. Shamsul Amree Bin Ab Rahman, Manager, Dominos’ Pizza Malaysia. “Converged has been attentive and proactive to our needs. Our capital investment is much lower and we are seeing profit earlier than expected with lower operational overhead.”

By utilising AllTouch Virtual Call Centre, customers can enjoy world wide coverage, lower setup cost and operational overhead, mission critical system, backup and recovery management. These will allow customer to concentrate on their business and create a strong customer relationship strategy.

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