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M800 Limited and Converged Solutions Partner on All-Touch Virtual Call-Centre Solution for Global Opportunities

Extensive IP-based system empowers enterprises with cost-efficient, versatile infrastructure to comprehensively reach multiple customer channels worldwide

(SINGAPORE, 26 July 2010) — M800 Limited and Converged Solutions Pte Ltd today announced their strategic alliance to offer a comprehensive “all-touch” virtual call-centre solution for enterprises extending sales and marketing reach to the global market, including full China coverage. The IP-based solution combines the extensive network reach of M800 and the multichannel capabilities of Converged Solutions’ call-centre platform.

M800 Limited is one of Hong Kong’s largest IDD wholesalers and China’s leading multichannel toll-free service provider. M800 provides the supporting infrastructure for premium voice services to enhance the Call Centre Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) of Converged Solutions, via the latter's flagship Orchestra IP Call Centre platform.

This partnership, the first between the companies, demonstrates the ability of Converged’s All-Touch platform to leverage M800’s voice quality and is a key reason Converged is guaranteeing service levels to ensure its clients do not have to worry about call quality, regardless of customer location. The All-Touch platform is ideal for businesses that operate in today's fast-changing market conditions, empowering them with a wide-coverage call-centre solution that overcomes complexity and cost. Service can be set up easily for businesses located anywhere in the world.

“The true capabilities of our Orchestra platform are being realised through M800’s extensive global network reach,” said Mr. Michael Koh, Director, Converged Solutions. “We have always been providing our clients with a highly cost-effective, versatile, and powerful platform to reach their customers. Now they can address the enormous potential of the worldwide market, including China and Asia Pacific, through our new All-Touch offering, underpinned by M800’s comprehensive connectivity and range of business voice services.”

“We are very excited to match our far-reaching global coverage with the multichannel features of Converged Solutions’ sophisticated virtual call-centre platform,” said Mr. Daniel Leung, Director, Enterprise Business, M800 Limited. “Enterprises wishing to connect with international opportunities can do so with lower upfront investment and operational overhead, while taking advantage of seamless connectivity with their customers, whether over landline, mobile phone, SMS, or overseas connections, and regardless of time or location of either party.”

By combining their core competencies, both companies stand to benefit from increased business activity and greater utilisation of their infrastructure. Their clients will enjoy comprehensive worldwide coverage with the flexibility to tailor communications according to business needs and customer preferences, reducing staff training delays and cost while staying responsive to market changes.

About us
Converged Solutions Pte Ltd is a Singapore company providing a Call Centre Software-as-a-Service in Asia via its flagship Orchestra IP Call Centre.

M800 Limited, a subsidiary of the Ganges Group of companies, operates an intelligent international toll-free platform and connects with most of the world’s major telecommunications carriers.


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