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Key Benefits

All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre is preferred by call center experts for these reasons:

  • Virtual Call Centre design supports multi site and home operations without additional effort or cost. Agents can be anywhere using internet from a PC.

  • Reliability is built into the architecture; All-Touch™ Virtual Contact Centre’s redundant core servers, telephone and ethernet network and highly-available systems exceeds the availability of on-premise solutions. Systems are monitored and maintained 24/7/365.

  • Scalability allows instant and large expansion without technology changes. Confidently subscribe to only the amount of capacity needed without restricting future seamless growth.

  • Management and Monitoring capabilities provide real-time control and status from a PC. Service level alerts or alarms are instilled to uphold high customer expectation.

  • Easy to use interface designed similar to Microsoft 2007 Office Suite for greater user-friendliness.

  • Integrating with CRM applications is easy with browser/server environment or client/server applications. API is provided. You can even integrate with CRMs which are hosted locally.

  • All-Touch™’s quick start provides training with on-site trainers or video clips.


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